Potted Nordman Christmas tree (small)

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Pot grown Nordmann Christmas tree. This replantable Christmas tree is pot grown. Therefore, do not remove the Christmas tree from the pot. If you want to replant the Christmas tree, place the Christmas tree including pot in the ground. The pot has always been the tree's growing environment.



This Christmas tree has a small root ball, because the Christmas tree is grown in the pot. The pot has always been the growing environment. The following is important to know:

  1. Let the Christmas tree acclimate before you put it up. A large temperature difference can give the Christmas tree a negative fright effect. Prefer not to go from cold to very warm. First, let the Christmas tree acclimatize in a cooler environment for a day. For example the garage or balcony.
  2.  Leave the Christmas tree in the exact same pot. Do not switch pot.
  3. The Christmas tree should not be close to a radiator.
  4. Provide enough water. Preferably daily, but make sure that the Christmas tree is not constantly in a layer of water.
  5. Replant in four weeks. The sooner, the bigger the chance of survival. The survival chance is about 60-70%. As mentioned above, when you replant the tree, you leave it in the same pot. That means you put it including pot in the ground.

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60-80 cm (32,50 euro), 80-100 cm (37,50 euro), 100-125 cm (42,50 euro)

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